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Cholera Fixed Blade

SKU: VEW-Cholera-P
The Vulture Cholera fixed blade is one of William's go to designs and took years to refine. Coming in as a "All Mountain" blade there is not much that this profile can't do.
Make sure to secure your place for the years most sought after blade!


Production Grade “Cholera”

"Scored 100 out of 100" -  (First Time In History) Gear Institute  /  "2014 Best In Class" - Gear Patrol

"Clearly Superior..." - Gizmodo  /  “People's Choice Knife"  Shot Show 2014

All the edge tools from Vulture get a name having to to with some term associated with the entomology of that species, in this case Cholera. This blade was named from the disease that can be found all over a Vulture's feet, beak and even in there stomach without making them sick!  A nasty and difficult aliment to overcome seemed like a perfect name for a blade profile that has been in refinement over William’s career, in the field and is hard to beat.  The design is ultra simple yet refined for the detail seeking connoisseur.  The blades design, while suitable for many survival tasks is actually intended as a "All Mountain" knife and is right at home on a big game hunt.  It features a modified Gyuto design, a Japanese word that means "meat sword", with a few tweaks.  With the addition of a false edge (brought to 90% of an edge) the tip boasts a Trocar style tip allowing it to pierce cleanly and effectively.

The steel for many of our knives is 1095 that is heat treated between 58-60 rockwell.  The Cholera also features a full tang design which is 3/16'' in thickness making this a truely capable tool.  The grind profile is a modified scandi and has been acid washed then a clear Cerakote finish applied to fight corrosion.  The oval recess in the butt part of the blade is a tuneable fire steel striking edge which from the factory creating 2 points of contact for the industry standard of 3/16" ferrocerium rods, the user can even sharpen this recess to make it into a type of line cutter.  The formed kydex sheath has a rotating MOLLE compatable belt clip allowing the user to rig the knife in either right side up, upside down, horizontal or any angle in between.

Package Includes: Cholera Knife, Kydex Formed Sheath, Magnesium Starter & Sparker w/ Piggy Back Sheath, 1 Lenght of Red Genuine 550 Cord, Numbered Certificate, Care Sheet and Vulture Head Sticker.

Specifications: Heat Treated 1095 High Carbon Alloy Steel -Modified Scandi Grind - Serial Numbered - Laser Etched Logo - Acid Wash Finish - Dark Linen Micarta Handles - Double Red Liner - Kydex Sheath w/ Rotating Belt Attachment - Overall 10” - Blade Length 5.5” - Blade Thickness 3/16" - Ferrocerium & Magnesium Starter w/ Holder - Made in USA.


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